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Summer School – Eudicri Project

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The second edition of the EUDiCRI school will take place on the Italian Alps, in Bardonecchia (Turin), Villaggio Olimpico, from September 2nd to 7th 2024

The readers of this blog share several common interests but, I guess, these days, we are all waiting for one specific thing to happen: the publication of the AI Act in the Official Journal of the EU.

The version circulated in May is much clearer than the previous one, but the excitement for the final (and official) text is high. We are all in the process of understanding how (deeply) the brand-new text will affect our area of research or interest, even though the regulation will gradually enter into force.

As to my area of research, criminal law and criminal proceedings, the impact of the Act will certainly be high, as many among the cases of prohibited AI (listed in art. 5) are related to the use of AI in the law enforcement duties. Moreover, the exceptions to the prohibition (e.g. art. 5 lett. h, i; ii; iii) of specific AI solutions, are themselves based on the prevailing interests of law enforcement. In addition, several cases of ‘high risk AI’ refer to digital tools that can be used in criminal investigations and criminal proceedings. Nonetheless, the huge number of recitals, the long text of the Regulation, the Annexes make it clear that the interpretation and the application of the new set of rules will be extremely challenging.

For this reason, within the Jean Monnet Module, Eudicri Project (www.eudicri.uniupo.it), we decided not to waste time and to organize a whole summer school dedicated to the impact of the AI Act on criminal justice. Addressing to both lawyers and computer scientists, we will offer to each group the basic instruments to be ready to understand the impact and the application of the Regulation, in the specific field of criminal justice. In the wake of the enforcement of the AI Act, the summer school will create a context for discussion and debate about the multifold, complicated issues that the text will raise. Info in the link.

Serena Quattrocolo
Professor of Italian and European Criminal Procedure at University of Eastern Piedmont

Professor of Italian and European Criminal Procedure at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Dean of the Law School, former academic co-director of the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London and Fernand Braudel Fellow at the EUI in 2022. Her major research fields are European and comparative criminal procedure, Italian criminal procedure. In recent years, the focus turned to applications of AI to criminal justice and automatedly generated evidence.


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