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Submissions for Sci-fi

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Welcome to the Sci-fi Section of DigiCon, where we explore the intricate blend of science fiction and law through five distinct subcategories:

Art: This subcategory celebrates the artistic side of the Sci-fi world. We showcase up to seven pieces from artists whose work embodies the Sci-fi ethos. For a glimpse of how we present art, click here.

Essays: Here, we delve into the academic interplay between Sci-fi and law, examining the legal, ethical, and societal impacts of Sci-fi narratives and technologies. Our essays enrich understanding and foster appreciation of the genre.

Reviews: In Reviews, we critically analyze Sci-fi works—from books and movies to short stories—through a legal lens, providing insightful perspectives on popular and lesser-known works.

Recommendations: This is a space for sharing your top picks for Sci-fi media, from films to soundtracks, and everything in between.

Tales: Our Tales subcategory features original Sci-fi short stories, offering a platform for creative expression within the universe of speculative fiction.

Submission Guidelines:

Structure: Essays and Reviews should include a title and be organized into clearly defined sections using standard heading styles.

Writing Style: Aimed at non-experts, our content should be scientifically intriguing yet clear and accessible. Hyperlink all references directly in the text, and keep endnotes brief.

Blind Peer Review: Each post undergoes a blind peer review to meet our high standards of quality. Ensure anonymity by omitting personal details from your manuscript and file name.

To Submit:

Submissions can be submitted using the Sci-fi submission form. Should you have any issues, please get in touch with us

Join us in this exciting exploration at the intersection of Sci-Fi and law, and help expand the horizons of our readership.


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