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Hello Hello 🖖🏼

In this section of Digi-Con, we will take an indirect approach to our legal problems and escape from reality. Science fiction (also known as sci-fi or speculative fiction, among other names) offers us visions of imaginary worlds: some of them closer to our own lives, others far removed from the present or even humanity. These visions, in turn, allow us to explore the social implications of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence or virtual realities.

Science fiction, however, is not purely escapist entertainment, as these imagined worlds often influence the relationship between technology and society. Many technologists and tech entrepreneurs have spent their formative years delving into Sci-Fi magazines and wandering around the imaginative worlds created by ‘Big Three‘ and other authors. At the same time, perceptions of technology in society have, for better or worse, been influenced by utopian and dystopian views that have their roots in movies, books, and other cultural artefacts. Therefore, imagination and fiction end up playing a very real role in shaping the future of our technological societies.

This section is meant to explore how science fiction may help us think about possible futures, especially with regard to the questions debated in this blog. We want to pursue this goal through various formats of posts. First, we are most definitely open to sharing essays, poetry, and other forms of science fiction art that fall into the scope of this blog. We are also interested in critical reviews of science fiction works (movies, books, poems, art, you name it), exploring how these works are relevant for thinking about digital technologies. Finally, we want to explore how sci-fi influences the worldviews of the various actors involved in digital constitutionalism, such as lawmakers and legal scholars.

Here we don’t want to limit anyone’s imagination. Ergo, if you think your work is Sci-Fi related and a good fit for this blog, shoot us an e-mail!

*Please check the Sci-fi guidelines before submitting your work.

Live long and prosper, my friends

or should we say

dif-tor heh smusma

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