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The Philosophy of Data Science: Data Science Governance

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This conference, hosted by the Centre for Human & Machine Intelligence (HMI) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and part of the project group Regulatory Theories of Artificial Intelligence of the Centre for Responsible Digitality (ZEVEDI), aims to bring together researchers from ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of science to discuss questions surrounding the governance of data science. The conference’s guiding question is how to conduct, design and regulate data science for the public good. The proper guidance of data science requires the formulation of both moral and legal norms and frameworks, which may guide individuals, private corporations, as well as public and political institutions.The conference will approach this topic by looking at a range of different domains, exploring the specific challenges they raise and how they might call for different, custom-made solutions. These domains include, but are not limited to, healthcare, scientific research, transportation, surveillance, social media, and law and law enforcement. In these domains, good data science governance is a matter of understanding and balancing a variety of often competing values and ideals, among which are responsibility, trust, fairness, accountability, privacy, cost-efficiency, as well as epistemic goods such as knowledge, understanding and predictive power.

They invite researchers working on questions related to data science governance to submit proposals for 30-40-minute talks (plus 50-60 minutes for Q&A) to apply for one of four open slots.

Submissions should include
– an anonymized abstract of no more than 1.000 words.
– name and affiliation in the email.

Submissions should be sent to
Mago Konopnicka (m.konopnicka@fs.de). 

Submission deadline
January 31, 2022

Confirmed speakers
David Danks (University of California, San Diego)
Boris Babic (University of Toronto)
Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)
Kate Vredenburgh (London School of Economics)

Date and location
10 & 11 June 2022
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Frankfurt a.M., Germany). The conference is planned as an in-person event.

The conference is sponsored by the Centre for Human & Machine Intelligence (HMI) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and is part of the project group Regulatory Theories of Artificial Intelligence, which is part of the German state Hesse’s Centre for Responsible Digitality(ZEVEDI).

Sebastian Köhler (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Peter Königs (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Gregory Wheeler (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Sebastian Köhler (s.koehler@fs.de)

Accommodation and Travel
Accommodation will be covered by the organizers. Travel expenses will be substantially subsidized.

Source: https://philevents.org/event/show/95357

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