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Submissions for Law & Tech

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Please read this guideline carefully before submitting your post.

Blog Posts Formats

We receive blog posts in three formats.

Law & Tech Radar: Analyse a recent intersection of law and technology in 800-1,000 words. Topics may include new case law, legislation, policy initiatives, or significant research achievements aiming to illuminate the latest developments in the field.

Opinion Bytes: Present a compelling argument or opinion in 1,000-2,000 words. This format, inclusive of the “Symposium” section, encourages a scholarly debate on contemporary issues by articulating strong, thought-provoking viewpoints.

Research Spotlight: Summarise and highlight notable research in 800-1,000 words, promoting books or in-depth studies published elsewhere. This segment aims to showcase significant scholarly work, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Structure. The blog post should have a Title and be divided into sections. We encourage you to use the heading styles available on Word (and similar tools) to distinguish between sections, subsections, and so forth.

Writing style. As part of our mission, Digi-Con aims to reach an audience of non-experts. The posts should be of scientific interest but written in an understandable, transparent and accessible style. All references should appear as hyperlinks in the main text. Brief endnotes are allowed.

Blind peer review. Our editorial offer consists of reviewing, proofreading, and editing the posts before publication. The blind review is necessary to ensure the posts meet our quality standards. We reserve the right to suggest modifications for titles and subtitles. To ensure anonymity, please delete any personal information from the text and file name of the submission. 

How to submit. Submissions can be sent using our form. We accept submissions only in word format. Please name your submission as follows: Title_Format (e.g. “The EU Governance of Digital Rights_OpinionByte)

License. We publish all contributions under the Creative Common License CC BY 4.0. If you want to know more about the license, click here. The author will not receive any remuneration. A second use of the posts is allowed, but you should make reference to the first publication in Digi-Con.

Submission Blog posts should be sent using this form: https://forms.gle/8oUc2QVbSCbaWhH79


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