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Star Wars Special Issue: Call for short opinion pieces

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Force-ful Arguments: Scales of Technology, Law in Star Wars Universe

To all Star Wars aficionados out there, this one is for you!

This special call for short opinion pieces aims to explore the interconnections of law and technology and/or by the Star Wars universe. We invite you to dive into the depths of the Force, exploring the Jedi philosophy and the shadows of the Sith with us. Your contributions should analyze the ethical, legal, and technological dimensions in a galaxy far, far away, seeking to bridge with our own reflections on legal theory, technological advancements, and ethical considerations that resonate within both universes.

The dichotomy of the Force, divided between the Light and Dark sides, serves as a compelling metaphor for the dual nature of technology. On the one hand, technology holds the promise of enlightenment, offering solutions to age-old problems, enhancing the quality of life, and bridging gaps between individuals and communities. It is the light that illuminates, the beacon that guides us towards a future replete with possibilities. On the other hand, this very force harbors a shadow side, capable of exacerbating inequalities, eroding privacy, and, in its most dystopian manifestations, forging chains of control and dependency.

That’s why in this special Star Wars issue, we will look at technology from the Jedi and Sith perspective and reflect on their philosophy, publishing it as two separate bundles on their special day.

Wisdom of the Jedi: The Philosophical and Legal Underpinnings of the Galaxy (Publication Date: May 4th) 

Wisdom of the Jedi aims to illuminate the symbiotic relationship between Jedi wisdom and galactic jurisprudence, offering insights into the enduring impact of these philosophies on the quest for justice. Contributors are invited to examine how Jedi teachings, emphasizing peace, justice, and moral integrity, have shaped legal systems and ethical considerations across different galactic societies. Contributions may explore but are not limited to:

  • The Jedi Order and Sith philosophy as allegories for legal and ethical paradigms.
  • Governance and law enforcement in the Galactic Republic and Empire.
  • Rebel alliances and resistance movements through the lens of international law and human rights.

Revenge of the Sixth: Technology as a Dual-Edge Lightsaber (Publication Date: May 6th) 

Revenge of the Sixth aims to understand the dual nature of technology. Contributors are invited to explore the multifaceted nature of technology, the balance between harnessing it for societal benefit and guarding against its potential to become a tool for political bias and manipulation. Contributions may explore, but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance, privacy, and data protection in an era of digital omnipresence.
  • The ethical dilemmas in the weaponization of technology.
  • The challenges of cybersecurity, and technology’s role in both supporting and undermining authority
Deadline for Submissions:

22 April 2024

Submission Guidelines:

We welcome submissions from legal scholars, technologists, and enthusiasts of the Star Wars universe. The ideal submission should be a short opinion piece that is between 1,000 to 2,000 words in length. It should be original, thought-provoking, and clearly articulate the connection between Star Wars, law, and technology. A bibliography is not mandatory; citations should be in the form of hyperlinks.

Submission Process:

To submit your opinion pieces for our special issue, please send them to scifi@digi-con.org with the subject line [Special Issue Submission: Category]. In addition to your article, please include a bio, a photo (which we can pixelate upon request), and your contact information. We kindly request that you submit a detailed bio that provides an overview of your background and expertise, rather than just a few sentences.

Editorial Process:

Opinion Pieces are evaluated and reviewed by our editorial team, which makes a final decision on any revisions (we may request) and whether or not to publish. Authors of selected articles will be notified by 29 April 2024 and may be asked to revise their submissions based on editorial feedback.


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