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IAIL 2022 – Imagining the AI Landscape after the AI Act

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Do we already have the technology to comply with the proposed regulation? How to operationalize the privacy, fairness, and explainability requirements of the AI Act? To what extent does the AI act protect individual rights? How can redress be accomplished? What are the best methods to perform a risk assessment of AI applications? Do we need to define new metrics for validating the goodness of an AI system in terms of privacy, fairness, and explainability? What methods to assess the quality of the datasets need to be created to be compliant with the current proposal for the AI regulation? How is it possible to deliver a process that effectively certificates AI? How will the proposed AI Act impact non-EU tech companies operating in the EU? Will this make the EU the leader of AI market regulation?
If these questions form part of your research interest, they would be glad to hear from you.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The AI Act and future technologies
  • Applications of AI in the legal domain
  • Ethical and legal issues of AI technology and its application
  • Dataset quality evaluation
  • AI and human oversight
  • AI and human autonomy
  • Accountability and Liability of AI
  • Algorithmic bias, discrimination, and inequality
  • Trust in practical applications of and data-driven decision-making in AI systems
  • Transparent AI
  • AI and human rights
  • The impact of AI and automatic decision-making on rule of law
  • Explainable by design
  • Privacy by design
  • Fairness by design
  • AI risk assessment
  • Explainability metrics and evaluation
  • AI certification
  • Safety, reliance and trust in human-AI interactions
  • Human-in-the-loop paradigm

Papers intended to foster discussion and exchange of ideas are welcome from academics, researchers, practitioners, postgraduate students, private sector, and anyone else with an interest in law and technology.

Submissions with an interdisciplinary orientation are particularly welcome, e.g. works at the boundary between machine learning, AI, human-computer interaction, law, digital philosopher, and ethics.

Source: http://iail2022.isti.cnr.it/#cfp


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