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Generative AI Symposium is back: with three new submission options

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The Politics, Philosophy and Law of Generative AI is back

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies continue their rapid development, it is now more and more pressing to debate new regulatory approaches to their safe and equal deployment.

DigiCon, Computer Law and Security Review (CLSR) and the Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) join forces in welcoming optional research output in three venues. Authors might choose to build on each stage or submit to each venue individually.

1. Submission and publication at Digicon as a blog post; 

2. Invitation to develop the original blog post into an opinion piece for CLSR;

3. Finalized paper submission for CAIDP conference ‘The Universal Guidelines for AI After 5 Years (2018-2023)’.

Make sure to submit your piece by the 15th of September following the guidelines below!

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