Erik Longo

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Erik Longo is Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Florence. He was previously Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at the Department of Law of the University of Macerata. He deals with issues related to the sources of law, constitutional freedoms and constitutional profiles of the process of European integration. In 2007 he published for EUM the volume “Regions and rights. La tutela dei diritti nelle leggi e negli statuti regionali” (Regions and rights. The protection of rights in laws and regional statutes) with which he won the national prize “Opera prima” Sergio P. Panunzio for young scholars of constitutional law in 2008. In 2012 he published with CEDAM the volume “Le relazioni giuridiche nel sistema dei diritti sociali. Theoretical profiles and constitutional practice”. In 2017 he published for Giappichelli the monograph “La legge precaria. The transformations of the legislative function in the age of acceleration”.