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DigiCon III is here – 19th | 20th October 2023

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The Conference

The third DigiCon annual conference will be devoted to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on Digital Rights. The Conference will take place on the 19th and 20th of October at the European University Institute, in Florence, Italy. In this day-a-half conference, our community will discuss how Digital Constitutionalism can adapt to this emergent paradigm and what function it should play in the protection of fundamental rights.

DigiCon III aims at discussing how classic principles of Digital Constitutionalism can apply to AI technologies, including generative AI, when used both in private and public contexts. Each session will examine how AI shapes public and private power through the lens of digital constitutionalism rights.

The Conference’s ultimate objective is to deepen our understanding of digital constitutionalism and find common principles that apply in public and private contexts. AI technology serves as a good case-study for this effect.

Conference Questions

DigiCon in the Age of AI

Does Digital Constitutionalism easily adapt to the growing field of AI technology? What role does it play in such an environment?

What impact does AI have when used by private corporations?

Does AI empower or endanger citizens’ rights? How can users use Digital Constitutionalism to assert their rights?

Can we find common DigiCon principles that bridge the public – private divide?

Are there digital constitutionalism principles that apply in both public and private contexts? Are there two different sets of digital constitutionalism rights?

What future for Digital Constitutionalism under the rise of AI?

As with every other DigiCon annual conference, it is key to discuss the future of the field under this new AI paradigm.

How to participate?

DigiCon III will be hybrid. This means we will welcome a very limited number of people to Florence, Italy, and will stream the conference for the rest live to all our community. If you wish to attend in person, please submit a small piece of 500 words describing how you think that AI and Digital Constitutionalism intersect. The Digicon team will then analyze the submissions and select some participants to join our live workshop at the European University Institute.

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