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Call for blog posts – Transparency in artificial intelligence systems?

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We are glad to announce that, over the next few weeks, DigiCon will publish a symposium called “Transparency in artificial intelligence systems?”. This symposium approaches the impact of AI on transparency practices by analysing the various dimensions of its title question: is transparency still possible when complex computer systems become an integral part of decision-making? Why is transparency valuable when it comes to AI? What safeguards can be adopted to ensure organizations transparently use AI? The answers to these questions—and others connected to them—are essential for understanding what role transparency can play in the governance of AI systems.

To kickstart the debates, we have invited authors from a broad range of backgrounds: scholars from various legal disciplines, practitioners dealing with real-world issues of AI transparency, and researchers from computer science and other disciplines that can inform legal debates on transparency. In addition to these invited blog posts, we are also interested in receiving submissions from people working on transparency-related issues.

This call for blog posts welcomes three kinds of contributions. The first one consists of case studies in AI transparency, that is, of blog posts discussing the issues and solutions of transparency in particular contexts in which AI is used.1See, for example, Blazej Kuzniacki’s discussion of explainable AI in the tax domain. We also welcome blog posts with systemic issues on AI transparency, which consider challenges and solutions that apply throughout a broad range of application domains.2See, for example, Francesca Palmiotto Ettore’s post on the right to contest automated decisions. Finally, we also welcome conceptual proposals on how to frame issues such as the right to explanation or the meaning of transparency in digital contexts.

Submissions will be accepted until 27 November 2022 at the latest, and they will be evaluated on a rolling basis; the sooner we receive your post, the sooner you will receive a response. Please send us your blog post through the standard procedure for DigiCon submissions, adding “Transparency symposium” to your email subject.

Accepted blog posts will be reviewed by the series editors—Marco Almada and Francesca Palmiotto Ettore—who will suggest formal and substantive improvements to help authors deliver the best possible contribution to the debate. The length of published posts will be around 1,000 to 2,000 words, though more extensive posts may be published at the editors’ discretion.

We look forward to receiving your contribution to the debates on AI transparency.


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