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Call for Blogposts: Generative AI

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DigiCon is launching a new Symposium on Generative AI.

OpenAI’s last release of GPT-4 has sparked heated debates in the past weeks. We believe that it is of crucial importance to debate this topic with scientific rigour and from multiple perspectives. 

Our aim is to offer a platform to discuss the challenges and risks of Generative AI and LLMs. The new symposium will cover the Politics, the Philosophy, the Property and the Law of Generative AI and LLMs. We will address questions related to the social, environmental and political impact of Generative AI, its regulation and governance and the new challenges to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Questions include, but are not limited to:

  • The Property. What are the risks of proprietary models? What is the legal status of training data, and how does data protection law offer protection for personal data for self-learning systems? 
  • The Politics. What is the geopolitical impact of Generative AI? What are the social implications of Generative AI? How are the models trained, and what labour force is behind them? What are the power relationships and misalignments behind these models?
  • The Philosophy. How can Generative AI be framed in terms of intelligence, agency and autonomy? 
  • The Law. Is AI regulation, e.g. the AI Act, really future-proof? How can misinformation be tackled? Does Generative AI require new rights and freedoms, such as a right not to be manipulated? What is the role of data protection law and authorities?

Submissions will be accepted until 12 May 2023. Please send us your blog post to submissions@digi-con.org, adding “Generative AI symposium” to your email subject and following the standard procedure for DigiCon submissions.

Accepted blog posts will be reviewed by the series editors – Francesca Palmiotto and Francisco Duarte – and the DigiCon reviewers, who will suggest formal and substantive improvements to help authors deliver the best possible contribution to the debate. The length of published posts will be around 1,000 to 2,000 words, though more extensive posts may be published at the editors’ discretion.

[This call was not written by ChatGPT!]

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