Award ceremony “Science Fiction & Information Law” writing competition at CPDP

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As you know, we collaborated with IViR for the third round of their Science Fiction and Information Law writing competition, and we received twenty contributions. The organising team diligently reviewed and evaluated all submissions, assessing them based on their writing style, originality and relevance to information law and made a shortlist of seven stories.

These stories were then presented to our esteemed jury, who deliberated to select three finalists and, ultimately, one winner. The closing of this journey will be celebrated at the festive award ceremony on May 23, hosted during the Computer, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) conference in Brussels. We invite attendees to register for the conference and join us for this highlight.

The ceremony promises to be an engaging event where the finalists will share excerpts from their stories, sparking a dialogue with the audience on the evolving landscape of Information Law. Following the readings, the winner of the third IViR “Science Fiction & Information Law” writing competition will be revealed. In honour of this achievement, a virtual gallery, curated by our Science Fiction team, Yeliz Döker and Habibe Deniz Seval, will showcase the three-dimensional version of the winning story to reinforce the vision of the Science Fiction universe. As a teaser of what we mean by the three-dimensional version, you can visit our Law is Art Virtual Gallery.

Subsequent to the event, the stories of the three finalists will be published on the IViR website and featured in our Sci-fi section, allowing a broader audience to engage with these visionary explorations of information law.

  • Jason Fernandes, “Good Bot”
  • Andy Neale, “Lagrange Point Shadow”
  • Leevi Saari, “I Pressed the Damn Button, but the Screen Stayed Black”
  • Natali Helberger, Joost Poort, Kimon Kieslich (University of Amsterdam)
  • Yeliz Figen Döker, Habibe Deniz Seval (Digital Constitutionalist)
  • Bernt Hugenholtz (University of Amsterdam)
  • Martha Larson (Radboud University)
  • Mykola Makhortykh (University of Bern)
  • Elif Küzeci (Bahçeşehir University)

Live long and prosper, and see you in Brussels!

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Yeliz Figen Döker is a Ph.D. candidate at the European University Institute. She is working on the legal conditions and limitations for teaching self-defined ethics to AI through Experiential Learning. She is also co-founder of The Digital Constitutionalist (DigiCon) and head of Science Fiction. Apart from that, she is a PlayStation gamer and Sci-Fi aficionado.
Live Long and Prosper.

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