Artist Showcase: Seesalp

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Hi! My name is Tegan (aka. Seesalp), and I am a sci-fi/fantasy artist and a high school student. The common theme across my works is the relationship between humans, nature, and technology and how our identities become warped to include the devices we use in daily life, such as automobiles, planes, and computers.

I also use my art to explore the impact of current technologies, such as brain-computer interfaces and augmented reality. I think that we need to be embracing and, simultaneously, cautious of these new technological developments, and I try to communicate this sentiment through my pieces. Some of my biggest inspirations include Moebius and Edvard Munch, with their use of color and the alien atmosphere of their works. While focusing on messages and themes in art is essential, my primary goal in drawing is to have fun and learn new techniques and styles.

I always look forward to starting a new piece to explore new ideas and see improvement, and I hope to continue creating for as long as I can!



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