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Artist Showcase: Hedone

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I can tell you about who I am, where I am from, which school I went to or how I started doing what I do, but I prefer to skip those parts because no one cares. What I do is what you feel when you see my works. I can tell you what I planned to project in my works all night long, but in the end, you feel something unique that I never thought of.

I can only tell you how I work, and it goes like this:

I love creating contrast in my works. Placing beautiful statues in places where they do not belong makes it a little bit more exciting. Putting some elements that have no place in the scene makes it more real. Showing the Battle of Good and Evil while only changing the color of the light makes the human perception wonder about its capabilities. What I put in front of you is what we see in our daily life. I feel like what we’ll see in the future will be no different. History wrapped around our leftovers and overgrown nature, and we are trying to find the way via colors shown to us.

I call this situation “Kafkaesque Hedonism.”




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