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Artist Showcase: Cajuca

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Hi, I’m Cajuca,

I’m from Brazil, and I’ve been venturing into the world of digital art since 2015.

“Cajuca” is a play on the words “Caju” (cashew apple) and “Juca” (my nickname).

I’m a big fan of everything related to psychedelia, from science to art. I’ve been interested in psychedelic art since 2012, and I’m inspired by the works of Larry Carlson, Mark Henson, Mr. Babies, and Indgo.

I believe that my work is connected with utopian science fiction. I like to evoke ideas of silence, introspection, and movement in my works. To do so, I explore different scenarios such as roads, deserts, savannas, and tropical forests.

My art is, above all, an invitation to explore the imagination, and I use surreal and psychedelic landscapes to bring my artistic exploration to life. We know that the world we live in is not as colorful and happy as we would like it to be, so I like to create landscapes that portray a utopian world without intending to run away from reality.


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