Artist Showcase: Andrew C. Stewart

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My journey with art started when I was just a teenager. The day I discovered the late astronomer Carl Sagan, his enthusiasm and the amazing images of the planets were breathtaking. That was the day I picked up a brush, and my journey with art began.

Art college was the obvious route for me, and from there, I started working as a graphic designer. A few years later, I was offered a position in Ireland to work for Disney as a designer for animation. I made many friends there; it was a wonderful experience that I will treasure.

Throughout my thirty-five years as an artist, I have had work commissioned from Cambridge University for the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s book “The Extreme Universe.” I was also commissioned for the book cover “Cosmic Connections” for my hero, Carl Sagan. I have worked on album covers and murals, and I have had my work exhibited in London and Edinburgh.

Bespoke portraits of animals and people are my latest projects, but my passion for surreal art remains as strong as ever. I am always interested in new ideas to experiment with and to explore anywhere in the mind’s eye, opening new doors to visual imagination.

My art techniques involve using an airbrush. I like to work with acrylic inks, acrylic paints, and crayons, but I am always looking for ways to experiment with new ideas.

I believe that art is an expression of ourselves, and the beauty of a piece of art is in the eyes of the spectator. We all see and interpret images differently; nothing more than art can evoke emotions, which I think is amazing.

Andrew C. Stewart

Andrew C. Stewart

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